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Did You Know?

In Photoshop, just because you have used the pen tool to create something, it does not necessarily mean it is a vector - and it also does not necessarily mean it is vexel just because it was done in Photoshop and not in Illustrator.

The pen tool has two options in this respect, which are called "Shape layers" and "Paths". If you are using the shape layers setting, you are indeed making vector shapes, if you're using the paths setting, you are making raster layers, which are made out of pixels and do not have the vector qualities of scalability.

If you are unsure whether you're making vector shapes or layers, here are three simple ways to tell the difference while you're working:

1. Look at the pen tool setting - is it set to shapes, or is it set to paths? Hover over the selected icon to find out.
2. Resize your picture to about 50-100 pixels across - make it really small. Then resize it again back to its originial size. If the quality has been damaged in any way, you are not using vector shapes.
3. Start a new path. Does it automatically create a new shape layer or are you still working on the layer you previously had selected? If it is the latter, you are not working with vector shape layers.

Lastly, if you merge any layers or add any Photoshop filters, your image will no longer be a vector. You can use layer effects such as 'gradient overlay' and 'stroke' which you find in the FX menu beneath your list of layers. Why? These will scale along with the vector shapes, but filters (noise, lens flare, texture) will not.

Here endeth the lesson!

See this deviation of mine for the visual tutorial version of this Did You Know? box.
3 days left to enter - ends on Saturday!

That's right! The time has come for the winds of change to blow a fabulous new page design over to the group :la:

What We Are Looking For:

Using some fabulous artwork (linked further down) we would like YOU to design something fresh and new that represents the Nordanner breed. WE are looking for the following:

1. Journal design*
2. Icon
+ Feature Box background (bonus only; no individual prize)

* no CSS coding knowledge necessary, we have a private coding monkey. If you know how, though, please do feel free to code your design for us.

General Contest Rules:

:bulletpink: You may ONLY use artwork from our Useable Artwork collection for the page redesign and CSS* - explicit permission has been given to use these pieces for the purpose of this contest, and in the page design in a winning entry. You may not use any other artwork, including your own (this does not include editing images to blend and fit your design) and you may not use any official group artwork, either. This helps to keep things fair. You may use and blend the permissable pieces from our collection to your heart's content, however.
:bulletpink: You may enter for the journal design, the icon design, or both. You may only include a 'Featured Box' background entry if you are entering with a journal or icon design, as that part is essentially a bonus and has no prize, and it won't be judged; it is only included because if you make a journal/icon design that we love and choose for the winner, and you've included a matching box background design, there's a strong possibility we'll use it.
:bulletpink: You can enter as many times as you like!

* You can use your own art/create your own for the icon!

Just to clarify - useable artwork is here:
Useable Artwork

DFS LAS VEGAS - Leap of Faith by 11IceDragon11Walking On Flames by 11IceDragon11
Strange, Far Places by qannekkeWithout a Noise, Without My Pride by qannekkeDiamond Dogs by qannekkeMillion Dollar Man by qannekke
| What are you doing in my forest? | by EnharmoniaNordanner Fall Masquerade | Samhain by EnharmoniaAnnual Dragon Hunt 2014 | Collab by EnharmoniaDFS Las Vegas: Better, Braver | As one by Enharmonia
Burning Sky by AgaaveHearing the Music by AgaaveTug of War by Agaave Trade: Fox by Agaave
Catholic in the morning... Satanist at night by AraxelDeceiver of fools by AraxelThe Master of the Great Swamplands by AraxelYOU ROCKET THROUGH MY HEART by Araxel
Here Comes the Danger by SpytFyre-RanchN-RPG Mandatory|| Ch. 4: Get Wrecked by SpytFyre-RanchUltimum Proelium by SpytFyre-RanchDead Heat by SpytFyre-Ranch

Icon Entry Rules:

:bulletpink: Icon entries must be 100px x 50px with a file size of a maximum of 30KB. They may be static or animated.
:bulletpink: Must say "Nordanner" on it - we'd like people to know it's for this group!
:bulletpink: Must be recognisable, iconic and bold; the Dragon Hunter of icons.
:bulletpink: You can create your own, you do not have to use work from the selection of art for the icon only.

Journal Design Rules:

:bulletpink: Must be user-friendly in design and aesthetics; for example, no bright yellow text on a green background or anything crazy like that
:bulletpink: Must be versatile for all blogs; for example, don't write "Group News" or anything on the design itself, as that wouldn't make a lot of sense on anything other than the Group News blog
:bulletpink: Designs must be exclusive to the group; please do not use ideas/layouts from other people or groups, including edited 'free to use' layouts, and CSS coding
:bulletpink: All designs must be 'journal sized' and no smaller than 800px wide


Icon Contest

:bulletpink: 500 :points:
:bulletpink: 15 kaaring to Nordanner of choice (may be split; minimum 5 per horse)
:bulletpink: RNG breeding trait to add to next breeding of choice (excludes twins and mimicry)
:bulletpink: +1 Extra breeding slot to any natural Nordanner you own (may be gifted)
:bulletpink: Feature on group page

Journal Contest

:bulletpink: 500 :points:
:bulletpink: 15 kaaring to Nordanner of choice (may be split; minimum 5 per horse)
:bulletpink: RNG breeding trait to add to next breeding of choice (excludes twins and mimicry)
:bulletpink: +1 Extra breeding slot to any natural Nordanner you own (may be gifted)
:bulletpink: Semi-custom Natural import (max. 4 genes)
:bulletpink: Feature on group page

Journal & Icon Together*

:bulletpink: 1000 :points:
:bulletpink: 30 kaaring to Nordanner of choice (may be split; minimum 10 per horse)
:bulletpink: RNG breeding trait to add to next breeding of choice (excludes twins and mimicry)
:bulletpink: +1 Extra breeding slot to any Mutation Nordanner you own (may not be sold/transferred/gifted)
:bulletpink: Fully custom Natural import (max. 6 genes)
:bulletpink: Feature on group page

*Entering a matching set does not necessarily mean both of yours would be chosen, as we may love your journal design but prefer someone else's icon, for example. You are welcome to enter both whether your icon and layout match or not.


Contest ends 28th November 2015

How To Enter

When you have finished your icon or design, please upload as normal and COPY AND PASTE the following into the description:

"For the Nordanner Group Icon and Page Redesign Contest only. Artwork belongs to [username of artist(s) here] and permission was given for this piece/these pieces to be used in this way."

Remember to add the name of the artist whose work you have used. Once you have done that, please leave a link to your entry/entries here, and they will be added to this blog.


Any questions, please ask here! We'll do our best to answer quickly.


Icon Goodness:
Nordanner icon entry by Echodus Fire And Brimstone - Dragon Hunter Icon Design by TheLastHuzzah Nordanner conest icon by cresson101 Nordanner Icon Contest Entry by WesternStarRanch Nordanner Icon by Horselover9900

Journal Magic:
Fire And Brimstone - Dragon Hunter Blog Design by TheLastHuzzah The Forest Calls - Wild Nordanner Blog Design by TheLastHuzzah Nordanner Journal Contest Entry by WesternStarRanch Nordanner Journal by Horselover9900 Nordy Rainbows by Cariannarz Nature and Fire - Nordanner Blog Design by cresson101


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United Kingdom
I work with digital media. I also bake, and I enjoy food dye.

I'm an honest person.

I love the colour pink.

When I +Watch you, this means I will comment on your art :thumbsup:

I like pretty ponies. Unicorns are a real plus.

That is all.

Horsey To Do List

:bulletpink: Registrations for two nCd foals
:bulletpink: Registrations for three two Quirlicorns
:bulletpink: Registration for new Cavitto foal
:bulletpink: Registration for new Cavitto birdie
:bulletpink: Breeding image Wingcat x Ferrari
:bulletpink: Draw more things


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