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Random from Vexel 2015


Come on, we need more people to sign up to this! It's fun, I promise.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that this was in the plans, and now you need wait no more! Sorry this took me a little while to get to, but life got in the way for a bit, as sometimes happens to us all!

Not sure what a Divided Collab is? Check this blog for some great previous examples...

The collab is open to everyone, whether you're brand new to vexel or vector artwork, or whether you're a pro. You do not need to be a vexelove member to join the collab (but we recommend you join anyway for other fun things!)

This new divided collab features Just For Fun! by Danika-Stock
Just For Fun! by Danika-Stock

Collab Rules:

:bulletpink: You must credit both Danika-Stock and viperdog in the description when you upload your piece, as per the stock artist's rules
:bulletpink: Please also link back to the original image (Just For Fun!) AND to this blog
:bulletpink: You may complete your piece in vexel or vector media, or in mixed-media heavily featuring vexel or vector
:bulletpink: If you use the original stock, please resize it first to 2630px wide by 4000px high before cutting out your piece - the version of the image with the guidelines and numbers on (below) is already this size
:bulletpink: I cannot stress this rule enough: DO NOT RESIZE YOUR PIECE AFTER YOU HAVE FINISHED! It makes it very difficult to piece the final collab together if all the pieces come in at different sizes!

:bulletpink: The deadline by which to have your piece completed is 10th August 2015

The Pieces:

There are 12 pieces in this collab, as laid out here:

just for fun  by danika stock-divcollab-July2015 by VAngelLJ

:bulletpink: Please comment here with the number of the piece you would like to work on! This is first come first serve
:bulletpink: As stated above, do not resize the piece, and please do try to finish it on time
:bulletpink: All styles are welcome - give us anything from hyper-realism to completely abstract and anything in between. As long as it's vexel/vector/mixed media and the pieces all fit together, we're happy

I will be joining (if there are any pieces left), but I'm letting everyone else get first pick of the pieces, because I'm nice that way.


1. Ikue 
9. BobTheRanter 
10. Charmed-Ravenclaw 
12. DavidSerret 

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask! As soon as you have been given the go-ahead on your chosen piece, you are welcome to get started.

When you've finished your piece, please drop a link in the comments here!



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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
I work with digital media. I also bake, and I enjoy food dye.

I'm an honest person.

I love the colour pink.

When I +Watch you, this means I will comment on your art :thumbsup:

I like pretty ponies. Unicorns are a real plus.

That is all.

Did You Know?

In Photoshop, just because you have used the pen tool to create something, it does not necessarily mean it is a vector - and it also does not necessarily mean it is vexel just because it was done in Photoshop and not in Illustrator.

The pen tool has two options in this respect, which are called "Shape layers" and "Paths". If you are using the shape layers setting, you are indeed making vector shapes, if you're using the paths setting, you are making raster layers, which are made out of pixels and do not have the vector qualities of scalability.

If you are unsure whether you're making vector shapes or layers, here are three simple ways to tell the difference while you're working:

1. Look at the pen tool setting - is it set to shapes, or is it set to paths? Hover over the selected icon to find out.
2. Resize your picture to about 50-100 pixels across - make it really small. Then resize it again back to its originial size. If the quality has been damaged in any way, you are not using vector shapes.
3. Start a new path. Does it automatically create a new shape layer or are you still working on the layer you previously had selected? If it is the latter, you are not working with vector shape layers.

Lastly, if you merge any layers or add any Photoshop filters, your image will no longer be a vector. You can use layer effects such as 'gradient overlay' and 'stroke' which you find in the FX menu beneath your list of layers. Why? These will scale along with the vector shapes, but filters (noise, lens flare, texture) will not.

Here endeth the lesson!

See this deviation of mine for the visual tutorial version of this Did You Know? box.


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Thank you very much for suggesting my artwork on the DD :-)
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