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Did You Know?

In Photoshop, just because you have used the pen tool to create something, it does not necessarily mean it is a vector - and it also does not necessarily mean it is vexel just because it was done in Photoshop and not in Illustrator.

The pen tool has two options in this respect, which are called "Shape layers" and "Paths". If you are using the shape layers setting, you are indeed making vector shapes, if you're using the paths setting, you are making raster layers, which are made out of pixels and do not have the vector qualities of scalability.

If you are unsure whether you're making vector shapes or layers, here are three simple ways to tell the difference while you're working:

1. Look at the pen tool setting - is it set to shapes, or is it set to paths? Hover over the selected icon to find out.
2. Resize your picture to about 50-100 pixels across - make it really small. Then resize it again back to its originial size. If the quality has been damaged in any way, you are not using vector shapes.
3. Start a new path. Does it automatically create a new shape layer or are you still working on the layer you previously had selected? If it is the latter, you are not working with vector shape layers.

Lastly, if you merge any layers or add any Photoshop filters, your image will no longer be a vector. You can use layer effects such as 'gradient overlay' and 'stroke' which you find in the FX menu beneath your list of layers. Why? These will scale along with the vector shapes, but filters (noise, lens flare, texture) will not.

Here endeth the lesson!

See this deviation of mine for the visual tutorial version of this Did You Know? box.


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Mentor Profile for seniormentors 

I can mentor you in: Vexel, and Vector (in Photoshop)
Specifically, I can help you with: General Pen Tool knowledge, general Vexel Art knowledge, hair and different hair-shading techniques, transition layers and building up your artwork, creative use of stock, and various aspects of Vector art in Photoshop
I can mentor you through: DA notes, DA chats, or Skype

Some of my work:
Mojo Citrus by VAngelLJ Look Into Me by VAngelLJ Shadez by VAngelLJ The Look by VAngelLJ

If you would like to start mentoring with me, please send a Note Note to seniormentors and include the following information:
  • What art medium would you like to be mentored in?
  • What is your goal for mentoring? What would you like to get better at? (Please try to be specific!)
  • Do you wish to work with any Senior Mentor in particular?

Please allow up to 7 days for one of our group admins to respond to your application. Pairings are done based on availability of the Senior Mentor. If the mentor you wish to work with does not have slots available, or feels they would not be a good fit, we will try to match you with another of our skilled seniors. Thank you for your interest in seniormentors!

Hope to hear from you soon,
VAngelLJ / Leo


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I work with digital media. I also bake, and I enjoy food dye.

I'm an honest person.

I love the colour pink.

When I +Watch you, this means I will comment on your art :thumbsup:

That is all.


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