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Results from the recent Mini Show I hosted. Thanks to all those who entered! I have judged both on effort against your own gallery, and on effort in comparison to other entries for the class. I think I have been fair, but should you have any queries, feel free to send me a note.

Here is a quick reminder of the prizes:

Class Winner (1st)
Bullet; Blue 150 Points
Bullet; Blue Class Winner Rosette
Bullet; Blue Headshot by KingsLuckyDay
Bullet; Blue Art Features in journals of mine & Cariannarz

Class Reserve
Bullet; Blue 50 Points
Bullet; Blue Class Reserve Rosette
Bullet; Blue Chibi headshot by Makayla5672418
Bullet; Blue Art Features in journals of mine & Cariannarz

Overall Best in Show
Bullet; Blue 200 Points
Bullet; Blue Best in Show Rosette
Bullet; Blue Best in Show Trophy
Bullet; Blue Full body & background image with simple animation, horse of your choice
Bullet; Blue Art Features in journals of mine & Cariannarz

Although, please bear with me for the rosettes/trophy.. I haven't finished them yet ^^; sorry about that. However, without further ado, here's the results!

:new: In terms of counting points for various breed groups, the 'Class Winner' is first place but the 'Class Reserve' is NOT second place, as there were no 2nd/3rd placings for this show - for most groups, that will count as a 'Named Category'. Please check with your breed group to be certain, you're welcome to link back to this results blog.

:star: Liberty

Class entries:

185 Dallas Minimal Headshot - Liberty Show Entry by kadeej Our First Orphan Kaaring 15-20 by Zandromina The damn cat is at it again! by Astralseed Jack's Beach Time [Animated] by Cariannarz Tempestus Free Jumping by KingsLuckyDay

Class Winner (1st):

Our First Orphan Kaaring 15-20 by Zandromina(top left)

Class Reserve:

Tempestus Free Jumping by KingsLuckyDay

:star: Halter

Class entries:

Goldy-Halter Show Entry by Asmile-Stables

Class Winner (1st):

Goldy-Halter Show Entry by Asmile-Stables

Class Reserve:

:star: Companions

Class entries:

The Deepest Love by Cariannarz Summer Lovin' by Cariannarz Tea and Joey by Makayla5672418 Of Mice and Horses by PhrogSpawn258 Fast Friends by HylianWolfLink

Class Winner (1st):

Fast Friends by HylianWolfLink

Class Reserve:

Summer Lovin' by Cariannarz

:star: Base Colour: Black

Class entries:

185 Dallas Minimal Headshot - Liberty Show Entry by kadeej Jack by Cariannarz

Class Winner (1st):

Jack by Cariannarz

Class Reserve:

185 Dallas Minimal Headshot - Liberty Show Entry by kadeej

:star: Base Colour: Bay

Class entries:

Jazz's Free Time by Cariannarz HAR My Cup of Tea - Base Colour Class: Bay by Makayla5672418 Frolicking Tempestus by KingsLuckyDay

Class Winner (1st):

Jazz's Free Time by Cariannarz

Class Reserve:

Frolicking Tempestus by KingsLuckyDay

:star: Base Colour: Chestnut

Class entries:

GAARA! by KingsLuckyDay

Class Winner (1st):

Withheld (entrant welcome to contact me via note for further info)

Class Reserve:

GAARA! by KingsLuckyDay

:star: Base Colour: Grey/White

Class entries:

King's Lucky Day by KingsLuckyDay

Class Winner (1st):

Withheld (entrant welcome to contact me via note for further info)

Class Reserve:

King's Lucky Day by KingsLuckyDay

:star: Naturals

Class entries:

185 Dallas Minimal Headshot - Liberty Show Entry by kadeej Tea the Shetland~ by Makayla5672418 Tempestus Galloping by KingsLuckyDay

Class Winner (1st):

Tempestus Galloping by KingsLuckyDay

Class Reserve:

Tea the Shetland~ by Makayla5672418

:star: Unnaturals/Mutations

Class entries:

Jack by Cariannarz Summer Lovin' by Cariannarz Jazz's Free Time by Cariannarz

Class Winner (1st):

Summer Lovin' by Cariannarz

Class Reserve:

Jazz's Free Time by Cariannarz

:star: Overall Best in Show

This was difficult to judge, and I had it down to two images that I particularly like, however chose the way I did because I feel the artist has shown a great deal of effort in this entry, and it looks wonderful. The Best in Show winner is:

The damn cat is at it again! by Astralseed

With these two as Honorable Mentions*:

Frolicking Tempestus by KingsLuckyDay Jazz's Free Time by Cariannarz

*not a category, would not count for any breed points

:star: Congratulations, all. Thanks for Entering!

Prizes will be given out shortly.
The shiny new Rengetti eventing breed group is now open and will be hosting its first auction very soon, where you will have the chance to own one of these beauties.

The Rengetti is an eventing horse, with both Light and Draft builds, coming in various sizes between 14.2Hh and 17.2Hh. They are made for eventing and love to show off, but would equally suit a more 'wild' home environment. To learn more about the breed, check the group!

Here's a small selection of some of our imports who will be looking for their loving new homes...

Rengetti Foundation Import 111 by PolarisAstrumRengetti Mutation Import 104 by VAngelLJRengetti Foundation Import 107 by VAngelLJRengetti Foundation Import 128 by Cariannarz
And here's a couple of our Group Horses, who are always available for lease at shows, and have winnable breeding slots...

Rengetti Group Import 28 by brindlingRengetti Group Import 16 by DestinyNoelRengetti Group Import 27 by CariannarzRengetti Group Import 15 by PolarisAstrum
We look forward to seeing you join!
:new: Show closed, judging in progress!

Start date: 10th February (today)

End date: 24th March (in 6 weeks)

Open to all equine breeds, plus some classes to include non-equine pals. Prizes for every class, plus a Best in Show.

Show Rules

:bulletgreen: All entries must be your own artwork, no use of linearts, no collabs
:bulletgreen: Any stock/resources/references used must be properly credited
:bulletgreen: Each individual horse may only enter each class once (classes are listed below)
:bulletgreen: Each individual image may be entered in a maximum of 3 classes, but can only win ONE
:bulletgreen: If different images are drawn for each class, the same horse is able to win them all
:bulletgreen: Any classes without entrants will simply be cancelled, and prizes not won
:bulletgreen: All entries must have been submitted on, or after, the opening day of this show to qualify
:bulletgreen: Try to have fun


Liberty Class
- Your horse, no tack, no halter, just as they are

Halter Class - On a halter, with a trainer present

Companion Class - Your entrant with any of their pals; another horse, a feline friend, a canine comrade...

Base Colour Class: Black - Open to horses with a black-based coat only (except grey & dominant white)

Base Colour Class: Bay - Open to horses with a bay-based coat only (except grey & dominant white)

Base Colour Class: Chestnut - Open to horses with a chestnut-based coat only (except grey & dominant white)

Base Colour Class: White/Grey - Open to dominant white and grey horses, regardless of base colour

Naturals Class - Open to natural-coloured horses only

Unnaturals Class - Open to horses of unnatural colour, or mutation horses


As it's a mini show, there will be a winner (1st) and a reserve winner only for each class, no 2nd/3rd placings. Should the winner be disqualified for any reason, the reserve winner will take their place. There will also be an Overall Best in Show prize.

The rosettes are different for each class, and for the best in show. Because we can.

Class Winner (1st)
:bulletblue: 150 :points:
:bulletblue: Class Winner Rosette
:bulletblue: Headshot by KingsLuckyDay
:bulletblue: Art Features in journals of mine & Cariannarz

Class Reserve
:bulletblue: 50 :points:
:bulletblue: Class Reserve Rosette
:bulletblue: Chibi headshot by Makayla5672418
:bulletblue: Art Features in journals of mine & Cariannarz

Overall Best in Show
:bulletblue: 200 :points:
:bulletblue: Best in Show Rosette
:bulletblue: Best in Show Trophy
:bulletblue: Full body & background image with simple animation, horse of your choice
:bulletblue: Art Features in journals of mine & Cariannarz

How to Enter

Simply draw your entry image, and leave it in a comment to this journal with details of which class(es) you're entering. Any questions, feel free to ask!


If you'd like to donate anything to the prize pool for this show, such as journal features or points, please let me know here or in a note. Art prizes can be accepted for the Best in Show prize only, unless of course you want to potentially draw 9 different images for the class winners/reserves. That's fine too.

Have fun!
To-do list:

:bulletred: Update my to-do list...

:bulletred: Prizes for Mini Show:

- Note to reader: if you see this list, and think I have forgotten something, then I probably have. Remind me.
I think 2013 was an alright year, with more positive than negative. The biggest thing of the year was the birth of Susana & Damien, the now 3-month-old twinlets, who have taken over my life and filled it with inexplicable amounts of joy. I don't get all that much sleep, but I can't say I really mind.

The other biggest thing of the year happened back in June, when AwsumZ was declared officially cancer-free (in remission). Naturally, I can't really explain how happy I am to know he's alright. That sentiment just cannot be put into words. The previous 3 years have been so hard on him, and I'm so glad he can finally kick back and enjoy his life again (albeit without much sleep). That guy means more than the world to me.

Then there's been things like my best friend getting married (she looked so beautiful), and my brother finally getting custordy of his daughter, my sisters turning 21... hard to believe they're really that old now, they've always been my tiny baby sisters ^^; and, of course, the new house - which is probably going to be too small within a few years and we may just have to move again, but you know, such is life.. call it an adventure :paranoid:

We also got a new cat. That's 4 we have now. Princess came into our lives as a nervous skinny little thing that we found and rescued. Now she thinks she owns the house, and tries to get in our dinner plates while we're eating. Lovely.

There's also some things over the year that weren't so great, as well, such as Calidog passing away due to aggressive cancer. She was such a good dog, so fun and bouncy, and for a while our other dog Kai pined for her and missed her greatly. Luckily, he is back to his old self again, but we definitely all still miss her presence.

I suppose the fact I can't walk anymore is a bit of a negative thing, but I'm over it now. It was some time in September that I took my last steps, but I really can't remember the actual moment of realisation that my walking days were over.. I'd already gotten to grips with the whole idea before it actually happened, so I never thought to try and pinpoint the day. For newer watchers wondering what I'm on about, I live with EDMD, which is a muscle wasting disorder and, technically speaking, I'm actually very lucky, because in most cases it affects legs and arms. However, I'm in the low percentage of people who got to keep one and, given a choice, I'd have picked to keep the use of my arms, so that's just dandy. Just some aches and pains, but I can deal with that.

In May 2014, I'll have been married to AwsumZ for 2 years (time flies!), in September I'll be turning 29 - so possibly can't get away with saying I'm in my "early twenties" anymore - and also the twins will have their first birthday, but there's a LOT to come before that. We're also planning further children, because we're quite, quite mad ^^

I think this will be a good year. Lets hope I'm right ;p

Happy new year, everyone.
I can't deny I'm a bit difficult to get to know sometimes, and my overuse of sarcasm, general arrogance and quirky sense of humour can both alienate people, and make me come off as a bit of an arsehole, but - and I hope I'm correct in saying - generally speaking, once someone has taken the time to get past my stand-offish, peculiar exterior, they discover a very warm gooey centre that is full of love. Honestly.

And its at this time of year, the time for giving, that perhaps I could give a short mention to the people who have enriched my life on dA over the years, and keep me coming back each day.

And the first to mention is obviously Mha-kit... how long have I known you, now? Ten years? Knew you before dA, and I'm glad to still know you and stay in contact, because you're really quite lovely. Thanks for sticking around, I appreciate it.

Plus the people I knew around the same time, but don't really keep in contact with - Ladyfiction, CrazyJen, nedunque, beeeeespain, Original-Yazzy - I hope you're all doing very well.

VSConcepts ... Well, where the fuck do I even begin, mate? I mean seriously. I'm fairly sure that without your hours of sitting, pulling your (proverbial ;)) hair out, listening to me bitch and moan about all sorts of shit, that my life would be very different today, and not in a good way. We know I'm not the best at vocalising what I actually mean, and tend to speak between the lines, but, your friendship and presence in my life does mean a lot to me, and if we're being honest, I'll probably not be able to thank you enough for it; however, I will try.

Tepara I think you kept me in line, sometimes, do you know that? Gave me a smack on the wrists when I was being an idiot, and yet always had the time to listen to me and get my side of the story.. and then tell me up front I was being an idiot. You're very sweet, and you have a lot to give. Thanks for being you.

Astralseed Katy, I have known you, or of you, for much longer than we've been friends, and its somewhat a shame I didn't choose to speak to you sooner. You're one of the kindest, most genuine people I've had the pleasure of meeting, and you're good for a laugh as well, which makes you the best kind of person, I reckon. I'm glad I've been able to get to know you, and that we've become friends. You're a top lass, in my books.

ChewedKandi I don't talk to you that often, but when I do, you do amuse me. I love that you say it how it is, and take no shit. You're quite fabulous. I'd tell you that I know you'll go far in life, but frankly, you're already doing pretty darned well - but you know that, and that's another thing I like about you. I'm not that great with words, but let's assume that the mere fact I mentioned you has said enough.

Moonbeam13 Thanks for putting up with my shit < let's start there, shall we? ;p You're kind, you're understanding, you're fun, you don't take crap from anyone, and you never fail to look out for the people you care about, which is a very admirable quality. And on top of the general stuff, you believed in me as a person, and helped me to believe a little more in myself that I could be someone worth looking up to. You also forgave me for being a grumpy bastard. Probably more than once. I appreciate that.

Reldia You're far too nice to me, sometimes.. I'm not entirely sure what I did to deserve it. I'm glad to know you, and even more glad to have you as a friend. I like people like you; you are who you are, and you don't care what other people have to say about that. Course, if anyone doesn't like you for any reason, it's most certainly their loss, because you're one of the loveliest people out there. Everyone should like you :stare:

PolarisAstrum Well, I don't actually know you all that well yet, but I hope to. You're kind hearted, easy to talk to, good for a laugh.. and you say what you think, which is a quality I just adore in people. You also have immense skill with coloured pencils that I would like to steal from you in the night, so that my drawings could be even half as pretty as yours.

Gwendolyn12 We're not what I'd call friends, in fact I'd go as far as saying I don't know you very well at all, other than things I've learned either from your userpage, or via Dean. However, you're here in my journal because its a thanks to people who enrich my dA life, and I love your beautiful, colourful artwork very much. I always enjoy seeing your drawings in my inbox, and one day I hope to own an original of yours, or at the very least, a great big print of something you'll have drawn specially for me. I'll commission you, eventually. I do keep meaning to.

AwsumZ Because if I don't add you to this, then you'll only point out that I have't mentioned you. Obviously, I love you the most, and I always will. Hopefully this short mention is good enough for you. Although, it has to be said, I wish more people were like you, because you make me laugh so hard sometimes I think I may actually pee a little... but, you enrich my life much more outside of dA than you do onsite, so if you'd like a proper mention for enriching my dA life next year, then you're going to have to try harder <3

There are many people who I've enjoyed getting to know, and many more I've probably forgotten, because I do that. It's ever likely I've forgotten someone fairly important, because I'm having a blonde moment. It's the people I come to dA for every day, much more than anything else. Yes, I like art - that's why I joined in the first place - but what keeps me here is the friendships I've made.

So, thanks.
Happy Thanksgiving to all you folk across the pond.

And for my non-American watchers... happy Thursday!

I'm very tired, and I think I'm going to have cake for dinner. I hope you're all well.
If you don't like horses or cats, feel free to unwatch me now. I have no intention of doing anything else for a while. Vector art is too time-consuming for me at the moment with young children, so you may as well not expect to see any for a while ^^;

If, on the other hand, you DO like horses and cats, go and join the following groups: Quirlicorns, Cavitto & Mauaati. The first two are horse, the third is cat.. and not actually open yet, but I hear its coming close :eyes:

That's pretty much all...

Happy Wednesday ^^
Hello all, please be patient with any notes you send my way for DD Suggestions and the like, because the twins arrived at the weekend, and naturally, I don't have as much time as I did before! Their names are Susana and Damien, and they're wonderful ^^ AwsumZ and I are very happy.

Also, we finally moved house on Monday, so there's a lot to get done like unpacking and cleaning up and the like.

I'll do my best to keep up, of course, but I may be a little bit slow for a while ;p I'm sure you understand!

Don't break anything while I'm not looking.
Okay, I love you guys, but you have to stop being so polite! ;) Every DD Suggestion I get, I respond in some way, and I always say "thank you" - it's just good manners, after all if nothing else - and while I appreciate that saying "you're welcome" in response is also just good manners, it's not really necessary.

Before it seems rude for me to say this, I will explain. I am one of those people who gets oddly excited when I get a note. With DD Suggestions, I look through them, file them in my folders for when I actually find a moment to sit and sort them ready to feature (yeah, sorry about the lack of features...) and I'll reply to them all, and then go on my merry way.

Then I come on the next day, and I have a group of notes that just say "you're welcome" and, inside my crazy head, it makes it seem like some bizarre automated response. If you're so polite that you just cannot fathom not saying you're welcome in response, then say it with a message - tell me about your day, or what your cat did yesterday that you found funny, perhaps.

I'm aware I'm socially awkward but, once you get past that, I'm actually quite nice :paranoid: Honestly. Ask Astralseed.

I do enjoy good manners, though. I really do.
I turn 28 in 6 days :paranoid: This has led me to consider my life for the past year, and how different things are today than they were a year ago. For example, a year ago, I could walk.

Well, okay, I can still walk, but not very far (like, sofa to the fridge and back) and I can't do it without the aid of things to hold on to. That won't last for long though, soon enough, walking anywhere will be out of the question. That bothered me for a while, but I'm very much over it now. I've known the day would come for a long time, I just hoped it wouldn't be yet, but to be fair, is one ever ready to lose the use of their limbs? I don't think so. I still have the full use of my arms, and a lot of people with EDMD don't, so I'm pretty lucky. Apparently I probably always will too, because if they were going to be a problem, they'd already be a problem.. you know what I'm sayin'?

So. We have one more cat and one less dog in our home than this time last year, after sadly losing our wonderful Calipup to aggressive cancer earlier this year. And then Princess came along, starved, flea-ridden and nervous, into our lives. She's now healthy, clean, well-loved and purrs a lot.

Also, AwsumZ was still fighting cancer last year. He got the all-clear a few months ago, and is doing really well. He's started his official vet nurse training this week, 4 days a week, after being there for unofficial training one day a week for the past month. Words cannot begin to describe how proud of him I am :heart:

We've been married for 16 months now, by the way. Time flies!

One more month to go until our new arrivals, too. They (obviously) weren't around this time last year. Damien and Susana will be joining us somewhere around October 1st, at which point we'll have to figure out how to look after twins. Hopefully we'll be moved into our new house before they arrive... fingers crossed.

On a personal level, I'm not sure I've acheived a lot this year, but I'm really darned happy, which is a very positive thing now, isn't it.

And all this leaves me to wonder... how will things be this time next year?

Vector Update!

Fri Aug 16, 2013, 4:15 AM
Hey scalable ones. Time for a little update on what's going on round here, don't you think?

Firstly, I'd like to suggest you drop by TheLastHuzzah's page and thank her for her time volunteering for the vexel gallery :heart: If you have any vexel-related news or DD suggestions, you can send those to me for now until a new volunteer joins the fold.

It's been a busy few months for me, and I'll admit I haven't been around as much as I'd like, or featured as many DDs as I'd have liked either, but I'm glad to say that we've found a house to move to and hopefully I'll have a bit more time soon enough! If you'd like to see the DDs I have featured, you can find them all here:…

The recent Pen Tool Creative contest for vector and vexel media came to an end, and all the winners have been announced! Thanks to everyone who participated and supported the contest, we had a great time. All prizes have been sent in for and should be distributed soon. Congrats to the winners, there! :la:

I'm now taking ideas for projecteducate Vector Week! Anything in particular you want covered? Any vector artists you'd really like to see interviewed? Any games or events you'd like to see happen? Want me to poke TheLastHuzzah to make another of her epic games sheets for you? Let me know via note and I'll get working ;) Alternatively, if you'd like to write an article or host an event for the week, then that's MORE than welcome, and please do get in touch.

As for Vexel - you can check out the PE summary right here, but if there's any further topics you'd like covered then let me know and I can add them in to Vector Week as a side topic.

And, finally, if you have any further thoughts on the possibility of a Vection Category then please leave your comments and feedback on the linked journal there, as the matter will be closing soon and a decision made. Thank you ^^

Anything you want me to mention? Vector group you'd like advertising? Hosting a vector or vexel related contest or event? Let me know and I'll gladly pimp it here!


I'll get the disclaimer out the way first - if you're a hoarder, your bid won't be counted ^^ Alrighty then...

:bulletpink: Bird of Paradise (recessive) Stallion with Mediumship ability - only 2 slots available
:bulletpink: Grullo Tobiano (Ee/aa/nD/nT/nSpl/nBdf/nMhd)
:bulletpink: Open to registered and actively used Cavitto mares only
:bulletpink: Can be bred to other Bird of Paradise (if you can find one unrelated to him...), but you do not have permission to breed a dominant
:bulletpink: I get a slot to the foal
:bulletpink: He won't be open again for a long time

#1153 Hex by VAngelLJ

His info sheet:
Sire: #71 Hale
Dam: #1116 Oasis

:star: Two slots available: One slot is for points, one slot is for art.

For the points auction: Bidding starts at 200 :points: - bids must go up by 10 points minimum to count

For the art auction: Draw Hex! 3 Veratis points minimum per bid (full body & background, animated headshot, etc) - bids will be judged for effort

You can bid both points and art, but you can only win one of the slots.

:star: Deadline for all bids is August 20th!

If there's no takers on this, then... well, there's not! He won't be open again for a long while.

Happy bidding ^^
Goood morning ^^ Just a quick word on DD suggestions - I've been getting a few, but more are certainly welcome, thank you very much - but I do want to add a couple of reminders about them, and answer some questions :)

:bulletpink: Make sure the artwork is actually vector, and in one of the vector galleries - if you're not sure, scroll through the artist's gallery for clues. If it's been made in Photoshop and has brushes/textures on it, it's not vector, for example, as those elements are not scalable when created in PS. Don't confuse this with the idea that nothing made in Photoshop can be vector though.. because it can. I do all my vector work in Photoshop (mainly because that is the only program I currently own, though..)

If you're not sure... suggest it anyway! We don't want artists missing out on the chance for exposure.

:bulletpink: Stock references must be credited as per the stock artists' rules. Any suggestions I receive where references are not credited in some way will not be featured by me. If it is a stock image you have purchased offsite that has no particular crediting rules, its ok not to credit... but remember that I personally don't know that, and if I'm not sure if proper credit has been given, I won't feature it, so ANY form of stock or reference should be credited or mentioned, just to be safe.

:bulletpink: Google Images is not a stock site.

:bulletpink: The artist you suggest must not have received a DD Feature within the past 6 months, and if I personally featured them 6 months ago, I won't do it again (unless at least a year has passed, but this is longer than a volunteer term, so somewhat an invalid statement...)

:bulletpink: My DD Suggestions Guidelines blog is here:

:bulletpink: I will not feature traces or exact replicas. Just no.

:bulletpink: Self-suggestions are more than welcome.

:bulletpink: And, since I get asked occassionally... Your suggestions that are sent to me are stored away in my notes, and I refer back to them frequently. Most of them reside in the "Undecided" folder. I also have folders for definite 'Yes' and definite 'No' suggestions. Every now and then, I sift through my undecided folder, and move the suggestions from there into one of the other two folders, and often leave some in the undecided folder as well that I'll come back to again another day. Suggestions that have been in the undecided folder for over 2 months without me wanting to feature them get moved then into the 'no' folder. Those that make their way into the 'yes' folder will be featured at some point.

You may have noticed that I don't feature DDs that often, and that is simply because I am fairly ruthless, and I'm a huge fan of Quality over Quantity, and if I feel for any reason at all that the DD would not be well received or be widely considered as "not up to standard" then I won't feature it. I do look through the artist's gallery and check the suggested piece against others they've done - if I feel they have older work that is better, I'll wait for them to create something new that is up to the same standard as their older work. Yes, its all very subjective, but I try very hard to be unbiased and look purely at the artwork itself, considering various points about it. I have in the past featured works that I personally haven't been keen on that went down a real treat with the rest of dA, and I'm sure I will again.

So if you've suggested something that hasn't been featured, and its been over 3 months, it probably wont be featured (or its still in the undecided folder and I haven't gotten to it yet), but that's not to say that I won't ever feature that artist. If they do something else that you think is fantastic, suggest that one too.

Alrighty then... So keep sending me your suggestions :eager: and please note that if you ask me if I'll feature it, I won't be able to give you an answer... partly because it ruins surprises, but also for the most part, I don't know yet. Unless its an immediate definite no... but then I'll usually tell you why anyway.

I look forward to seeing your suggestions!

DDs I have featured can be found here:…
It's been a really busy and somewhat stressful week. We have a moving-out date and nowhere to move to, we may have to move further away from our town as we'd like, therefore new jobs may have to be found, the computer is very nearly dead and takes about a year to load anything at all which doesn't help with house-hunting, we're expecting twins in October and currently have nowhere for them to live, and my leg has been in pain nonstop for about a week and a half now :stare:

So, to be honest, I am a little bit grumpy today ^^; and I think the main point of this journal is summed up nicely in the following stamp:

.:I forget shit.: by Da-Dingo


If there's something I owe you, or something I said I'd do for you, it's going to remain in my memory for all of five seconds, because this week my head is filled with "oh shit, my unborn kids are going to be homeless."

I love you guys, I really do, and I won't be annoyed if you send me a note every few hours reminding me that I said I'd do something until I've done it.

And now I'm going to eat something, because it's 12:15pm and I haven't gotten round to that yet.

Hope you're all doing well!
Did you know that I can't walk unaided? Well... July 14th is Disability Awareness Day, and Nichrysalis has put together a journal which is well worth a read, where you can share your own experiences and have your voice heard, as well as share in others. So, I figured I'd share my story too.

But first, I want to introduce you to someone I find extremely inspiring. His name is Spencer West, and despite his physical disability, he lives his life without limits. If you want to be inspired, read his story, here:…

So - my own little life. My name is Leo, and I'm this happy-go-lucky 27-year-old dude living in England. I have a very happy life, married, expecting twins in October, relatively healthy, nice family and friends, but I will admit its taken me a while to get to this point of being 'alright' with my situation.

Since childhood - as early as 6 years old, I believe - I've had problems with my joints. It didn't resrict me very much at all, I was just aware of them sometimes. I was taken to see a doctor, but it was decided that everything was fine. I carried on in the same way, just being vaguely aware of my joint aches here and there, until I was aged 20, when I had a heart attack, and was dead for 3 and a half minutes. Then it was discovered that I also had heart irregularities - Cardiovascular Disorder (Chronic Heart Disease) runs in my family, and has so far claimed the lives of my father, his father, and his father before him. It was assumed for a few years that this is what I have, though it's actually not, but I'll get to that in a minute.

Between the ages of 16 and 21, running and fitness were two of my favourite things. I'd go for a run every morning, do 50 sit-ups, 50 press-ups, weights and cardio - loved it. I also owned eventing horses, and I (with friends) participated in various cross-country, racing and team chasing events (not the major ones, just small local ones). I had an awesome jet black TB stallion, 17.2Hh, and an absolute nutter, his name was Sim, and when he was a yearling in training, he broke my ribs <3 However, while I was running, or riding, I found that I was getting worse pain in my joints - particularly my knees - and I couldn't go as far as I could before without needing to stop and catch my breath or take a break to rest my legs. I was starting to feel... weak, for lack of a better word.

For someone so proud of their body and ability to keep fit and show off my muscles (and yes, I showed them off at every opportunity ;)) it was frustrating to feel this way. At first, I tried to work harder, but that just ended in my muscles aching for longer, and feeling stiff the next day, which was unusual for me, and made it even more frustrating.

Age 21, I finally sought a medical opinion. They couldn't figure out my problem at first, which made it worse for me, because without some kind of name to put to it, like "this is the reason", I just felt weak, and like I was making a deal out of nothing. I was sent to a specialist, who tested the strength of my arms and legs, and listened to what I had to say, and checked my heart rate. Then he told me that I may have 'some sort of muscle wasting disorder', but he wasn't sure, it could be psychological and could I go back in three to six months for a second check.

Do you know how annoying it is to be referred to different places, having to wait at least a month for appointments each time, just to then be told that they don't know, and you need to wait more months just to know why you're aching and verging on being in pain all the time? Do you know how annoying it is to be told that perhaps your very real discomfort is 'possibly psychological'? I'll tell you, its very annoying.

So just under five months later, I had my second appointment, where I was fully tested in the same way as before, and then asked to go and sit in the waiting room for a few minutes. Said few minutes turned out to be nearly an hour.. I was called back in and told that my arm results were roughly the same as last time, but that my legs - despite my frequent exercise - had weakened, and this in addition to the heart results, and my complaint of aching/painful joints in my knees, ankles and elbows pointed to something they called Emery-Dreifuss Syndrome. This is a type of Muscular Dystrophy - muscle wasting - and it meant that my days of being able to go running and horseback riding were numbered. This is also the reason for my heart problems, which are now fully under control thanks to the correct medication.

That was May 2007. In July I underwent surgery on my knees, because a problem with one of them was making it worse for me, and giving me more pain and discomfort. I had a metal splint put in to stengthen my leg as it healed. Things got better for a while after that, but not for long, really.

About eighteen months later, things went downhill. I had to sell my horses, which sucked because I'd had Sim from a foal (his mother belonged to my mother) and helped to train him, but I couldn't ride anymore and the lack of regular exercise really wasn't fair on him. I couldn't run anymore, but I was making sure to get regular long walks. I'd told myself that I'd be fine, and I could do whatever I wanted to (which helped my morale, but wasn't physically true, really...)

For a couple of years, I was fairly depressed. I didn't know what to do with myself, or my life. I'd always been an active person, and enjoyed living an active life, and none of my career choices really fit with my abilities anymore, and I felt quite lost. Luckily for me, I have someone in my life who is always around to help me find myself, and reassure me when I feel down, and tell me that everything is alright. That would be AwsumZ, of course - the light of my life.

I've done what I can to maintain movement, and I still go for walks today, but I can't go very far and I need to use a walking frame. If I'm going out for the day, I'll go in my wheelchair (which, by the way, is metallic purple =P) because my legs can't hold me up for very long. As I said at the start of this journal, I'm okay with it now, but its definitely taken a while and it's been a struggle. I'm actually very lucky in my disorder, as it so far has only really affected my legs rather than my shoulders/upper arms as well. That part may come in the future, but for now I'm doing well, and I'm very positive about life. I have regular physiotherapy which keeps me moving, and I plan to prolong my mobility for as long as I can get away with it!

My mother has recently given me info about a specialist riding stables, who often cater to those with physical disabilities, so I may even be able to get back on a horse at some time in the near future. Epic.

So, from me to you... live your life without limits, stay positive, and always remember that the word 'disability' doesn't have to mean that you don't have the ability to do the things you want to. Read all of this? Have some cake.

Those whose work I comment on frequently may have noticed I haven't commented in a week or so, and for that I apologise! All your artwork is sitting in my inbox waiting for me, so don't you worry, I will get to it all!

AwsumZ and I are very busy at the moment - as some of you may know, we sold our house recently, and now we're desperately trying to find a new one that we like so that we don't lose our buyers. We may have to go into rented for a while so that we can search more at ease at our own pace and wait for the right house if one doesn't come up soon.

So.. yes. I will get round to all your artwork soon, and hopefully get a bit more done myself too ^^

Hope your weeks are going well! :love:
Hello all. Today I will be sorting through my notes folders and finding DDs for the rest of the month. Want to suggest a Vector DD? Send me a note :#1: I apologise for the lack of DD features for Vector. I've been terrible at keeping up with those while I've been busy :paranoid: Also, don't forget about the Pen Tool Creative Contest - great prizes.

Well, it's been a very busy month - we put our house on the market and sold it within the first 2 weeks, so we're now trying very hard to find a new house to move to that will be suitable for us to live in until we either die or feel the need to downsize again ;p

By 'we' I don't mean the Royal we, I do of course mean me and my lovely AwsumZ, who is working hard in his new job so he can get us a new computer :eager:

And as for me, I can't find a job at the moment that is suitable, and we're expecting twins in October, so I'll most likely stay home with them instead anyway. You may have noticed that I've been spending a lot of time drawing horse art - this is something I used to do a lot, and then stopped for a few years after A) discovering vexel & vector portraits were fun; and B) having to sell my actual horses as I can't ride anymore. (I miss my Simmi. He was special.)

I'm very much enjoying drawing them again and being involved with the various subcommunities that revolve around the HARPG. Essentially, what I'm saying is, if you watched me purely for my portraits.. well, I may just disappoint you for a while. I won't be offended if you unwatch me ;)

Aaanyway... That's my general life updates at the moment - wish us luck in finding a new home.

And tell me how you are, whats new in your life, dear reader?